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    Kitchen Remodeling
    By Fred Akhtar
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    When it comes to creating memorable Valentine's Day gifts few demonstrations match a fully remodeled kitchen except for perhaps a remodeled bathroom.

    If you have done chocolates, and flowers, and the other usual and typical Valentine's Day gifts why not spice up the nest a little and see what develops now and in the future. It can open up a way to reconnect through talking over the plans and various ideas for a new kitchen layout or design.

    It can all start by contacting a local contractor that specializes in kitchen updating and remodeling. Gather some ideas, get some costs together and go to your spouse and plead for their help. But if you want to engage the surprise element, then be bold and undertake the idea and present it wrapped in a standard box that say a sweater or undergarment might come in; use your imagination.

    If you really want to rev up your romance with your significant other then think remodel. Many times undertaking even a small home makeover has been known to spark amorous ideas and feelings. Perhaps, revitalize libidos, and bring you both of you closer once more.

    When you ask is a good time or way to open up a discrete discussion on making home front changes such as for starters the kitchen? Well, for some it is after having a great meal, such as dinner, and the evening chores or activities are completed and the mood of relaxation and conversation naturally can open to topics of mutual interest. It can be a perfect time and place to launch the subject of a home project. Start with the sharing of any fantasies about your ideal home environment. They are sure to deepen your bond to one another. One never knows where this kind of closeness can lead on any given Thursday night? Even language can evoke the double entendres you wish; and, can bring new meaning to home cooking and date night.

    Keep in mind that it is a known fact men are challenged to keep their hands off a woman who is busy cooking. For women it is a good bet that a dish-washing man will put them in a romantic mood. Keeping this in mind your plans for a new kitchen island may be more conducive of a multitude of activities in addition to a meal. Spacious placement of a basic countertop can be a planning project that may create interesting discussions. A cozy breakfast nook can be designed to foster intimate breakfasts and can be made for closeness.

    Valentine's Day kitchen remodeling can trigger romance as well as a discount to your project. Ask for the Valentine's Day Kitchen Remodeling Special when you call for your free estimate.

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    Wednesday, 09 January, 2013

    3 Days to your dream kitchen
    By Fred Akhtar
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    Since romance can arise from unexpected events and from unpredictable encounters it stands to reason a completely remodeled kitchen could spark the fire of romance. Whether male or female it makes no difference. Food preparation environments can produce romance through visual, olfactory and gustatory stimulation. When it comes to taste the chef in your home may be you, your significant other or the two of you as a team. Either way updating your prep area will change your experience as well as add to your home's value. So you might say it is a 'two-for', maybe more for your money.

    Valentine's Day is soon to be upon and nothing could be more enticing and romantic than either surprising your significant other or inviting them to plan the transformation together, which will help bond your relationship further.

    There are a few contractors that can get the job done in three days. Why drag out the project when a knowledgeable professional and little ingenuity on your part can achieve either a planned upgrade or a surprise gift to plan together to get it right and draw in your partner to a new opportunity for intimacy.

    In addition to making your nest and retreat different, a new layout and amenities may be the needed spark to ignite romance in time for Valentine's Day festivities.

    Color is known to set tones and moods and your careful selection can cause ongoing stimulation to the preparation of meals in your new kitchen as well as the other social possibilities.

    If space is a challenge then inset cupboards and cabinets may be a possibility in your planning stage. Also, some people have achieved incredible success with the use of mirrors in strategic places around the kitchen center. It will add a feeling of greater size and will surely add to the visual elements you include in your new kitchen.

    Flooring needs to be easy to maintain and clean. Remember highly porous materials are best left out of any kitchen plans or for that matter left out of any bathroom remodeling plans.

    Lighting will depend on exactly how much nature light is available with your existing floor plan and window configuration.

    When eliminating ideas before doing the requisite costing and consulting it is best to remember that new kitchen appliances can not only save space but in some cases save considerable money to be able to splurge on other designs and efficiencies.

    Most importantly to remember is to plan early before the opportunity to create a little romance by transforming your kitchen in three days disappears.

    By contacting a 3 day contracting specialist it is possible to have a complete culinary makeover to try new recipes in. Ask for a 14 % discount on your accessories and fixtures.

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Fred_Akhtar
    Wednesday, 09 January, 2013

    3 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for 2013

    The New Year brings new opportunities and the possibility to achieve things important to your life and family. One of those may be to remodel your home's kitchen for the enjoyment of everyone in your family and friends who you entertain during the year. 2013 is a great time to plan your kitchen remodeling project to complete and enjoy for next year end holiday season.

    One needs to assess different ideas for the remodeling project. Start with 3 of the big design determinants.

    First, your home's kitchen, clearly a major focal point, is important to have balanced space regarding its elemental placements, color, lighting, appliances and fixtures. The focal point in any room represents a centering of its space, and is the key item any room works around. In other a room's space revolves around a device or an appliance. For example, in a living room the fireplace fits the bill of the obvious focal point. In a small to medium kitchen, typically the entire space can be deemed the focal point. So it follows a kitchen should be viewed as one element or unit. Given its uniformity the kitchen as a focal point is best with neutral palette colors. This works best because it keeps the eye moving within the space keeping the kitchen feeling like a connected and complete unit. An easy solution in creating this look involves making sure the backsplash pattern remains uninterrupted; including insuring that even the outlets fit the aesthetic design. Make sure they are part of the pattern or color palette and that they fit in rather than stand out and fore the eye to stop on them. Take a look around and make sure the room fits together.

    Second, keep the kitchen's cabinet palette consistent by using one neutral hue for the space; including its appliances, cabinets, flooring and hardware. The result is a fluid appearance of balanced space, allowing the eye to continue moving throughout the space. Simple flat cabinets without too much detail such as solid cabinet doors keep the balance intact. Make sure the cabinet's interior is painted the same color as its trim and the cabinet's exterior. Whether you are building or renovating, makes no difference. It is best to consider including a soffit or some sort of trim to hang the cabinets as flush as possible. That way they will appear to recede into the wall and not out of the wall. Keep in mind the vertical space, which means that the base cabinets are normally 36 inches tall, and any countertops should be 1-1/2 to 2 inches thick. This means that standard heights are 18 inches between the countertop and the upper cabinets. However, if you be taking the cabinets up to the ceiling, definitely double check the contour of the ceiling as to whether it is level, or not.

    Third, when using an accent wall, it is important to use neutral colors for your cabinets. This includes staying consistent with the color for hardware and appliances and by continuing the look in painting the walls with the same color and keeping the look cohesive. If the plan is for going with open shelving, then making the wall behind the shelves the accent wall will usually be effective. The result will be balance with consistent color usage and maintaining the kitchen as a composite focal point. Color can frame and punch out the nuances of the entire kitchen as a singular element.

    Take the leap and see what is available for revamping your kitchen and start 2013 with a new kitchen.

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Fred_Akhtar

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com
    Wednesday, 02 January, 2013

    Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

    In 2013 your bathroom can be updated to be more energy efficient. It can include smart design ideas to maximize your space within your budget. There are 3 main areas where to focus on when you begin planning to remodel and update your bathroom.

    First, windows are can either be an energy user or an energy saver. Trends seem to indicate specifying those with a certified energy saving rating, which a licensed and bonded contractor will be able to show you. Windows now are available that can insulate a bathroom to prevent from getting either too hot or too cold. Various window suppliers produce different designs and colors, and will provide you with plenty of choices when planning your renovation.

    Second, the shower, sink, and toilet traditionally consume a considerable amount of water and can be when combined a true energy waster or a huge area to save energy in your planning. Probably like most homes the water use from these three necessary fixtures by themselves can be elevate your utility bill dramatically. As much as 50 - 75% of the water used in any home is used in your bathroom, which is easy to understand.

    Many people, as may be true for you too, enjoy taking long showers, or perhaps inadvertently leave the faucet running longer than is needed. If that's true for you, then it is a safe bet your utility bills are higher than you originally thought when you bought your home. By specifying energy saving faucets and showerheads you will cut gallons of water use right out of your utility bill. Another energy saver is implemented when the contractor can use a two-button dual-flush toilet inn your bathroom. These dual flush designs are a smart choice that will clearly save you money in the long run because they only use a fraction of the water regular toilets use Designs are quite stylish and will any taste to move your bathroom design up a level design wise.

    Thirdly, bathroom lighting design is an area where planning is minimal for most people, but should actually be the frosting on their cake as far as bathroom energy efficiency goes. Proper consideration in lighting arrangement and configuration can mean large savings in your electricity bill. Small rooms, like a bathroom, can be one of the most expensive ones energy-wise because of its power use over time. There are specific lighting products that use less electricity than ones you may currently be using. Energy efficient ambient lights in bathrooms are an elegant way to provide your bathroom a spa-like feeling and you can

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com
    Thursday, 30 April, 2015

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